Pack 80 Cub Scouts, Magnolia (Seattle, WA)
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Join the Fun - Join Scouting!

If you want your son to have some fun, excitement, outdoor opportunities, and a chance to participate in a program in which he is encouraged to always “Do your best” and how to be helpful to others — then we have just the program for you!


Cub Scouting is a home and neighborhood-centered program designed to support and encourage quality family involvement for boys in the first through fifth grades.  Each Cub Scout learns to respect his home, country, and other people.  The program also helps boys this age to:


· Learn new physical skills through sports, crafts and games.

· Learn how to get along with others through group activities.

· Develop new mental skills such as writing and calculating.

· Develop personal independence.

· Learn to make values-based decisions that assist them throughout their adult life.

Now is your chance to get him involved and signed up for Cub Scouting.

Pack 80 has been in existence since 1943.  It is recognized as one of the best and most active Cub Scout Packs in the region, consistently winning awards for its activities.  We look forward to welcoming you and your son to the Cub Scouts.

New Members Meeting:  This event takes place in September when we start our new scouting year.  You’ll see signs posted around the neighborhood a few weeks prior to the event.  We meet at the Magnolia United Church of Christ—just follow the signs.   Please be sure a parent or guardian comes with your son to the meeting to help him sign up.

For more information at any time of the year feel free to contact us at